A great website doesn’t only mean that its layout and the contents within are highly-organized. If you want to have a site that’s useful from a marketing standpoint, SEO is needed. For businesses online, SEO has become an integral part of their strategy, and those that go without it are left out.

It’s worth noting that web design and development has rapidly evolved over the years, and the same idea applies to SEO. The tactics you’ve been using before may not be effective the following month, so you have to be always updated to make sure that the technique you use still works. That said, link building has inevitably changed, too. It’s one crucial aspect of SEO, which focuses on relationships with the site owners who use backlinks.

So how does your blog fare when it comes to relationship building?

Social Media Use

In the world we live in today, there are a lot of people who have accounts on social media than those who don’t. So to say that that social media is one perfect platform to build relationships is a bit of an underestimate.

Social media use has become so widespread that introducing your brand to the world doesn’t even have to involve money. You can start using it for free, but if you want a wider audience, you’ll eventually have to use their advertising tools. Regardless of your method, it’s a guarantee that your blog will immediately gain audience once it’s shared online. You can use this to your advantage to start gauging how much people share your content.

There are tools to measure how many times your content was viewed and shared, and if you’re not satisfied, you can use this data to know what you need to improve and what people are most interested in.

So what does link building have to do with this? First off, you might have some followers who are bloggers or website owners themselves. Consider that chance wherein they may want to link you upon seeing your content is relevant. Second, this will give you a perfect view on the topics that interest your readers the most, and once you get to focus on that topic and write more about it, the link building relationship with your followers will grow.

Influencers and Bloggers

There was a time wherein people weren’t exactly sure how link building works and would resort to buying links since strategies weren’t clear enough. But with the algorithm changes brought on by Google, link building and the whole elements of SEO suddenly changed. Gone were the shady methods to get a website on top of SERPs and in came Google’s quest for more human interaction between sites and blogs.

This human element in relationship building can be obtained through influencers and bloggers, who are internet stars in their own right. Online audiences love influencers, and their accounts and websites have a huge amount of following that you can use to your advantage. Once an influencer or a famous blogger supports a link by posting it on their accounts or personal sites, it’s likely their fans will click it, too.

The power of bloggers is also so mighty that any product they review and recommend will be sold for sure. According to surveys, the average consumer will check out more than 10 reviews for a product before coming up with a decision whether to buy it or not. More than 80% of product seekers online also trust a blogger’s opinion and the decision will rely on the blogger’s recommendation.

So you see, establishing a relationship with these people will affect your blog more than you can imagine.


Link building and SEO covers a lot of technicalities that not a lot of people can understand. However, modern times call for a more human-like approach, so if you deliver quality-content, real people will not doubt on recommending you. This is why relationship matters.