The main difference between Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) lies on the kind of traffic a site receives. SEO offers a free method of driving visitors to your site, while PPC, as the name implies, is paid promotion. Despite the difference, both methods are effective forms of search engine marketing (SEM), which is a collective term to call practices used for your internet marketing campaign.

SEO: Give Your Organic Traffic a Boost

The major advantage of SEO is that statistically, it drives better quality traffic leads. A lot of web users are used to ignore “paid results,” the ones found above the actual results when making queries on the web or searching on Google. When you rank highly on Google for a certain keyword, it’s a clear sign that you are a trusted source and you are clearly way above your competitors.

What more can you get from SEO?

Branding and Awareness

Visibility in major search engines for the keywords you’ve targeted puts your business up on the pedestal, making it easier for customers to see. Moreover, when you are clearly seen on search engines, your brand automatically becomes associated with a search term. This makes you an authority over something, regardless of the niche of your business.

Web Traffic

Obviously, when you are on top of a search engine results page (SERP), web users are more likely to click on you. Let’s face it — nobody ever reaches the second page, unless you’re stalking somebody.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Organic traffic from search engines gives you a better ROI compared to other forms of advertising. It’s also a sustainable way of marketing your business, because organic traffic is continuous, especially if you employed the right methods from the very start.

Cost Effective

SEO isn’t exactly for free. One way or another, you’ll have to shell out an amount in order for certain processes to work by employing SEO professionals. However, SEO services are definitely more cost-effective than any advertising technique there is.

PPC: Laser-Targeted Visibility

You can never deny the fact that not all of us are capable to have such wit to transform our site into something catchy. In this case, what we need to acquire is the services of the experts who are into this kind of profession for quite some time. We can therefore have the guarantee of a good business performance that can give us higher income. So in order to alleviate your search for such marketing strategy, you can instantly utilize PPC advertising for your online business.

What PPC Does

Improve Ads

Basically, PPC are merely advertisements. This means that you have the total control of what you want search engines to display — from location, phone number, price, sitelinks, and many more.

Page Position

With paid search, you’re assured that your business is always visible when your search term is used on search engines. A user will definitely notice the ads above the organic results, regardless of their choice to click it or not.


Despite the efficiency of organic visibility, everybody knows that it could take time before results manifest. With PPC, a campaign can be launched within days, and if done right, a search engine will definitely show your ad once your keyword pops up.

If you are aiming for maximum exposure for your products and services online, an effective and interesting marketing strategy is what you have to look for. Internet users usually go for search results that they find attractive and credible. This is what online marketers have to focus on. That said, both SEO and PPC should be used to get you on the front page.