There is a common debate among marketers regarding backlinks. But first things first – what are backlinks? Basically, backlinks are links that connect your website to another website and vice Versa. It can be linked to web content, blog posts, online directories or social media sites.

Now going back to the debate, some would posit that the quality of backlinks is more important than the number of backlinks and that there’s no reason to generate more backlinks as long as there’s one that is generated from high-domain authority websites.

However, there is also a group of marketers who believe that the number of backlinks generated is more important than generating a few quality backlinks. So how do you use backlinks for the good of your business? Do you produce more backlinks or focus on generating a high-quality one?

Quality Backlinks

Using a quality backlink is simply linking your website to a high-domain authority web page that can be considered as a household name among web users. This means that said link is not only trusted by robots but by real people as well. You can check the domain authority of a certain website, you can use the Website Authority Checker.

Note that the higher the domain authority, the more valuable the backlink. A rank of 60 to 100 is generally outstanding, 40 to 50 considered average and 40 below can be considered as part of a gray area and not recommended to be associated with.

Marketers who vote for quality backlinks believe that by using high-domain and high-quality links, there is no risk of hurting your website’s ranking because you are sure that you are not linking your page to a spam website.

Quantity Backlinks 

Marketers who believe in the potential of quantity backlinks are more open to linking their websites to low or medium domain authority pages because they are in for a massive amount of low commitment traffic. It’s more like believing in the theory “bad publicity is still publicity.”

The Verdict

Cliche as this may sound, neither quantity or quality backlink is better. It’s all about knowing what your page really needs and then using either of the two backlinks strategies to increase traffic. You can even combine or alternate the two strategies for better optimization.