Not all online businesses need to appear in all places at the same time in search engine result pages.Sometimes it is more relevant to make it appear locally in a specific period of time in a specific location where you do business.It would not make sense when customers outside of your scope cannot reach your services or the other way around – you cannot render services to them.

Google itself said it. According to the search engine giant, one out of five searches have local intent. For example, when someone searches for laundry services, Google will give the user local results based on the IP address, that is if the searcher hadn’t specify the location.

Google’s goal is to show users the local services they’re looking for. This is why they developed Google My Business, a platform where small businesses can set up and manage their online presence.

Google My Business for Multiple Locations

Earlier this week, Google announced a new Google My Business API, a new agency partner program, and new agency dashboard. This API is intended for businesses to manage more categories of content, including posts for brands with multiple locations and merchant descriptions. The announcement comes after Google’s statement local search on mobile devices is growing faster than mobile search in total.

Additionally, Google also developed Google My Business’ agency dashboard together with its agency partners. The multinational technology company claimed that the new dashboard will run at seamlessly, and allow users to easily manage product listings and workflows, create user groups to control access to locations and internal teams, and will only require one account for business owners to manage numerous locations.

The dashboard will be launched “within the next three weeks,” but registered agencies will have early access to the new Google My Business features and tools. One of the benefits given to registered agencies is a dedicated partner manager along with a new partner directory.

Boosting Your Business’ Local Online Presence

Usually, those who are setting up a business start in limited market locations, and this is where locally optimized websites come into place in promoting a business. This is one of the most recommended set up for small businesses and start ups.

Search engine optimization is commonly understood as a practice or a tool that pulls one’s website ranking in SERPs. As a result of this, the website and its web pages will be more visible in search queries when the keywords or phrases related to it were the subject of the search. The more your website becomes search engine-friendly through optimization, the more it ranks higher in search results thus giving higher traffic and sales.

What starting businesses need, however, is to focus on local SEO first. The idea behind this strategy and practice is to allow your market appear more frequently and in the top list of organic searches wherein local traffic is targeted by search engine algorithm. Google algorithm updates became the basis of local SEO experts in optimizing sites because it is what calculates the data it reads from millions of websites existing on the web. The benefits of locally optimized site now come in play depending on the owner’s preference of operation.

In conclusion, Google My Business offers a free, intuitive tool that helps business owners to stay on top of their online presence. The idea is to start gaining authority locally while your business is still in its early stage. My Business allows your business and its several locations to be always up to date and consistent to keep potential customers informed.