If you want your website to be relevant while abiding Google’s guidelines, you have to monitor your backlinks regularly. Make sure that you only produce high-quality backlinks for your website and weed out bad links as soon as you discover them. Below are some vital tips in ensuring that you get high-quality backlinks for your website.

Use “Skyscraper” Content To Bring Your Website To Different Heights

Many swear by the effectiveness of using “Skyscraper” content to producing high-quality backlinks. Basically, you have to look for an article or a page in your specific industry that can be considered as high-performing in terms of links. The next thing you have to do is create original content that aims to be better and more informative than the high-performing article you have searched for.

Help A Reporter Out 

If you want to boost your website’s ranking, you have to get Google’s attention by building exceptional links. We’re talking about white-hat links from high-authority websites and blogs, not those sketchy black-hat links. You can do this manually or you can save time and effort by using Help A Reporter Out (HARO) for free. HARO connects individuals that need exposure and links to people that are scouring the internet for sources, specifically journalists and bloggers.

Treasure In Outdated Resources

If you are so quick to turn away from outdated sources, you might want to think again. To maximize outdated sites or resources, the first thing you have to do is look for web pages that are still linking to a specific outdated URL that you want to maximize. There are various link building tools available to make things easier for you.

Once you already have a list of all the web pages that are still linked to the old URL, try to sift through them and choose the ones with the highest domain authority. After doing so, you may now start reaching out to the sites that are still using the old URL and simply give them a heads up that the link is already outdated while subtly suggesting to use your link instead.