For most SEO experts, link building is the butter to their bread as it is one of the most important techniques in building a website’s reputation in the worldwide web. Those who are just starting to grasp the idea of search engine optimization may not realize it yet, but they would soon love link building because of its benefits for any search engine-friendly website.

Why Build Links?

There are probably dozens of reasons why link building is important to SEO. However, only a few reasons are needed to convince any start-up web developer or administrator who is just starting his SEO journey.


Search engine indexing relies on bots to “crawl” all websites online. Indexing, while possible even without having backlinks, can be optimized through links to and from your webpage. That means a new website could attain a good position in the world wide web a lot faster through backlinks.

Ranking and Authority

Link building is also a way to raise a website’s authority and ranking. If an established website links back to your page, it is bound to be interpreted in your favor. Alternatively, if you link to other websites with authority, it means that your website values credible sources, which is an indicator that yours is of high quality.


Aside from traffic gained from ranking in the SERPs, unique views can also be gained through site-to-site referrals. This means that the more websites linking back to you, the bigger chance that your website gets visited by their audience.

Top Link Building Tips In 2018

Over the years, multitudes of techniques in link building have been developed to establish SEO supremacy of a website. However, not every one of them is applicable in 2018 as search engines like Google have updated their algorithms so many times that some strategies and campaigns have been rendered useless or ineffective.

With that said, here are 4 link building tips that still work in 2018:

  1. Write Guest Posts

Guest blogging is probably one of the oldest but most effective ways to gain backlinks. Not only do you promote in the simplest way possible, but you also encourage sound relationships with other website administrators and bloggers. It is practically the best X-deal in SEO as you provide quality content for a website and get free promotion in return.

Of course, before writing anything, you should first seek a viable blog or website to post it in. This means you should reach out to high-profile websites with top quality for you to reap good fruits of your labor.

  1. Get Influencers or Customers Backlinks

Another great way to get your website promoted is through influencers and customers. Getting them to link back to your page is a great way to capitalize on your loyal customers’ trust and the effort of mentioning influential people in your post.

In case of influencers, getting them to share it online is a form of give-and-take relationship: you give them an avenue to promote themselves in exchange for a link back. Customers, on the other hand, will most likely be convinced to link to your page through partnership badges, which is more like handing out free T-shirt with your company logo on it.

  1. Pitching For Broken Links

When SEO was still young, experts have already used broken links to establish backlinks from other websites. In 2018, this simple technique still works. Basically, the idea is to look for any broken links in an influencer’s blog. Once you found some, you can email the administrator or blogger about it and recommend a link to your own website. But bear in mind that it is best to be less aggressive when doing this.

  1. Use Infographics

Infographics are popular on the Internet these days because they contain useful information presented in a concise, non-boring way. Because of this, experts recommend using them as link-bait as they get shared thrice more than other content on the world wide web.